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Tazeka is aromatherapy that blends science, spirit, and style. They blend holistically, considering the oils’ therapeutic components, scientific research, time-tested historical uses, and the energetic qualities of the plants. The result is a collection of integrated oils that serve you as a whole person — body, heart, mind, and free spirit.

I was a Designer and Content Manager for Tazeka for about 5 years. During that time I collaborated with other designers to create the company's branding, logo design, packaging, website, motion graphics, and marketing materials for workshops and tradeshows. 

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The goal of the bottle design was create something elegant, sleek, and unique — similar to a jewel. We decided to have the bottom taper out towards the bottom for it to sit comfortably on a flat surface. Two sides of the bottle have geometric die cuts to show how much oil is in the bottle.

Artboard 25 copy.png

Tazeka has a total of 17 essential oil blends. Each blend has its own unique primary and secondary color. The process of choosing colors involved looking at color psychology and finding which colors fit well with each blend's purpose.

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One of my duties as Digital Content Manager was to create content for Tazeka's various social media channels. I was in charge of shooting and editing photography to create daily posts for the company's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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These booklets were created to hand out at different events, tradeshows, workshops, and conferences. It includes history and information about Tazeka, what aromatherapy is, how aromatherapy works, and information about Tazeka's 17 essential oil blends.


Tazeka has a YouTube channel where they post informative aromatherapy videos. I was in charge of creating all motion graphic videos for the brand. The goal was to create fun, cartoon-like videos while still be informative.

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